Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Servo motor

I buy things on eBay every once in a while, and for the most part everything is just as it's describe. Though, sometimes items are a bit disappointing — like receiving a "new" DVD that's been re-wrapped or a softcover book that had been described as hardcover. But then there are times when the purchase has exceeded all expectations, like with this motor I (finally) bought for my Consew 104.
I thought I was ordering a plain-ass white servo motor with a 70mm pulley from Nick-O Sewing's eBay store. Now, I have like five white servo motors already (boring), and a 70mm pulley is bigger than I generally like, but this motor was so inexpensive it'd still be a helluva deal to buy it and a $10 2" pulley, so imagine my happy surprise when I opened the box to find a Darth Vader-black motor with a 55mm pulley. Thanks, Nick-O!

I like how the on/off switch is separate from the motor and can now be put at the edge of the table. Why the hell didn't they start doing that from the beginning!
Now to build that sewing machine table...

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