Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Pete's pack

Finally made a new hip pack for Pete. Denim lined with polyester. Padded. Turned out pretty well for how fast I did it.

 Practicing curvy patterns more now that I got the post-bed machine.
 Lined these corners up pretty well.

Here's the first prototype I did, from last year:

This is what it looks like when you wear something every day and wash and dry it mechanically. You can see that the velcro ate up the Oxford nylon flap liner. And that the corners failed. Sharp cotton corners'll do that.

We'll see if the new design holds up a bit better. The denim is a bit heavier than the duck, and it has rounded corners in the back, and it's lined with a synthetic, so it'll still work when the cotton has failed. Pete lost a few nickles and dimes with the brown one. Sorry, Pete!

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