Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Disc golf bag

Like a lot of people in the plague year of 2020, I started playing disc golf more. And the more you play, the more discs you want. I started out the summer with a small shoulder bag carrying a handful of discs, then I graduated to one of my old messenger bags that could awkwardly hold 12 or so discs, and then began thinking about making a backpack. Well, here's my first go.

Tried to keep it pretty simple -- just one zippered pouch, open top ... basically a soft bucket for rec play. It has PALS webbing for accessory pouches, and a foam frame.

I think this was my first multi-curved backpack (at least in a decade). I made a cardboard pattern first to get all the seams right.

It had been so many years since I'd made a backpack, I forgot how long I usually make the pads (had not made good notes on my pattern), so these are a little shorter than I usually make 'em. The seat belt webbing is a li'l longer to compensate. It's fine.

1000d Cordura bottom. I used some random polyester bargain-basement upholstery fabric for the rest of the shell and old Sunbrella banners for the liner. In the "real" version I would probably go with one piece of nylon for the back, bottom and part of the front.

This has a pretty big footprint and no disc pockets up top. I wanted to keep the weight down low to avoid spills. One of the courses here, Harmony Bends, has a lot of hills. It's sad to see someone's bag fall over and watch their discs roll out. Sad in a funny way.

I wanted to keep it pretty soft. This has a three-piece 3/8" foam frame. Two sides and one piece that runs from bottom to back. This allows the pack to flex a little around the body. I wasn't interested in making a hard bottom, so it doesn't have rails. Levi over at Pound bags says rails are lame anyway.

I did not put a piece of foam in the front of the pack. If it starts to sag too much as it breaks in I may rethink that.

I made the putter pocket big enough to hold the biggest discs for some Super Class fun.

We'll see how it works out!

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