Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Stinky Fabric

Uhg, I'm never ordering treated Sunbrella fabric again. It off-gasses way too much for my liking--which is too bad, 'cause it comes in such lovely colors. But one of my life-goals is not to get cancer before 50, so it'll be living outside for a while.
If you want some of this nasty-ass fabric, the best place to get it (that I've found) is Perfect Fit-McDonald. They also have nice Cordura at a reasonable price.

I'm also never ordering vinyl-coated polyester ever again. That stuff stinks a lot, too. And isn't too great for you or the environment. But really, which synthetics are. The question is: which is going to do the least amount of harm. I'm sticking with an acrylic-coated poly for my weather-resistant liners..for now. But who knows what kind of foul things that contains.

Appropriately enough, some manufacturers are going PCV-free with their designs. And there are groups out there promoting eco-friendly technical fabrics. I just have to find their sites again. Ha.

Get the hell outta here!

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