Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Making Things Tiny

~3x5--8/07--Cordura & Sunbrella
So, yeah, small things are kinda tricky to make 'cause you have about zero room for error. But here are some experiments in wallet/coin purse design I did for my pal Brianne. The middle one is probably going to be the most useful one for her. The one on the right is my favorite, and a design employed by craft wizard Doc Pop. And is actually a variation on a design from bag revolutionary Erik Zo.
You can find Doc Pop's wallets on his Etsy site, Zo's on eBay, and mine in my pants.

The wallet on the right is neat 'cause it has a sweet coin-catching feature. Your change goes behind the blue fabric and your cards/cash in front. Open it up, tip it forward and all your change slides to the cupped end where you can easily pick for your silver and copper. Nice.

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philosophia said...

Hey Cory!

I'm a friend of Brianne's (from Juice) and I think your stuff ROCKS! I especially love the orange vinyl clutch you made her.

Best wishes with your endeavors. Are you willing to sell any of your stuff yet?