Sunday, September 9, 2007


Scoliosis = Bad
21x17x6--9/07--Cordura & Top Gun
Yeah, so this is kind of a goofy bag. Another attempt to smash a messenger bag and a backpack together. My shoulders have been feeling a bit uneven lately, so that means it's time to switch to a two-strap bag--definitely. I thought about making an x-strap bag, but this design here seemed a little less awkward to use: you only need to unbuckle once to swing it around, you don't have to reach back and grab your loose second strap, and you can unzip your jacket no problem.
Though, I don't know if it has the same sweet load-distribution qualities as an x-strap bag. This bag is kinda weird when it's full: you don't want the shoulder straps digging into your armpits, so you tighten the sternum strap...but this puts most of the load onto your chest and smashes the shoulder pads into your pectorals: not so cool. So, yeah: mission not accomplished in making a sweet messenger backpack. I might just turn this into an x-strap bag or a one-strapper...we'll see. My next big bag'll be an x-strap bag proper.

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