Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Small Bag

15x12, bottom: 13x4
Yep, new small bag. I figured, Now that I have an edging tape that can take corners decently, why not make a small bag with some more curves. So here it is.
Brown: prototype. Green: final.Yah, single-layer, no-pads prototype. I've been using this lately. I can get all my cold-weather clothes in here after I ride to work. Not bad. Special-request bag. Has some non-standard features on it...namely the mobile pocket and the ladderloc cinch straps (which I've stopped doing in favor of the cordloc system). Yah, cell phone pocket: I'll try anything once. Below: not so clear a picture. But that's the bag before I turned the green right-side out. See how the yellow'll float inside. Shweet. Go to the first post on this blog for a drawing of what it looks like...you know, if you're trying to make one or something...

This is a "Yep, I really made it" photo...unless I took the bag apart. Hmm...

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