Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hip Alveoli

Learnin' Stuff
So here are some hip packs I've made in the last week.
This green one here is pretty sweet, but I was like, You know what? this bag is pretty run-of-the-mill...I think I'll make one more in the Leif Labs aesthetic...
Kermit?So I made this. Ah, it looks okay run through my cheap-o camera...but the edging is pretty puckered and lumpy...*sigh* And the lip turned out kinda dumb. Small things don't work so well in the Leif Labs stylee, I guess. It folds up nicely...but the folds impede hand-insertion. Yee.Boom. Then I made this. Pretty similar to the first, but better. This is what it looks like full of junk.
Here's what the pattern looks like. Super simple. Dimensions: 9x5, bottom: 2x7

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