Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Waxed Cotton!

I remember back in 2001 or two when Timbuk2 still offered waxed cotton as a standard option for their bags. I was finally gonna buy one so I could carry records to my college radio show. It was either going to be the waxed cotton or the brand new shiny ballistic nylon. The ballistic was the hot new option at the time--not the standard fabric for T2 as it is these days--so I went for that. And I've regretted it ever since. Aaaaah. Nooo. Actually, I wasn't too happy with T2's design (especially their poky cam buckle) so I ended up making my own messenger bag instead...thus giving birth to Leif Labs. Woo.
Anyway, back to point. I finally got my hands on some waxed cotton after years of searching (lazily). It's from Waxwear, aka Herbert Rice Fabrics, Inc., in Maryland. And I want to thank John McBomb and Adam (from Zugster Bags) for so graciously sharing their source. I'm pretty sure I even went to the Waxwear site long ago but never realized you could order fabrics from them. Ha. Anyway, you can. And there's only a five-yard minimum.

So, behold! the first waxed cotton bag from Leif Labs.
And it's a small and simple one. 16x10", 12x4" bottom. Lined with 1000d Cordura nylon.
The cotton is 10oz after coating. This is probably the lightest you'd want to go for a bag. Bigger bags will need a boot, definitely.

Just the basics.
And that's a floating liner in there.

And here's the pattern. Feel free to use it. Find more info on sewing your own bags on the Website:


j.b. said...

Just wanted to say that I LOVE your bags, and so will my husband. Any chance of being able to use your pattern to make one for him?? Hmmm? Let me know..

Unknown said...

hi cory,

well done on the waxed cotton. be interesting to see how the coating will develop over time and wear.

PS. did you line your bag with 1000d Cordura nylon?

cory said...

Thanks, soup. Yeah, I really like how the waxed cotton looks (and feels) already.
Yep, that's 1000d Cordura. The nylon'll make the bag a lot stronger.