Monday, October 26, 2009

Back from Kaua'i

Well, we're home again after an amazing time in Kaua'i. All the bags held up and performed as expected (great). Here're a few photos from the trip:
Hiking the Na Pali coast...well, a bit of it. It was way too wet and mucky. And I didn't fancy a slip'n'slide into the ocean.
My pack held up pretty well. I'd say I was carrying about 35 pounds...thereabouts. It's so tall 'cause I have a bag of Cheerios in my pack...and some other poufy things.
I didn't use a bag bag when I was flying and the pack got roughed up a bit. I took the belt off and put it in the bag, but made the mistake of sticking it when the bag handlers dragged it on the ground it tore some holes in the X-Pac. They were small and I fixed 'em with duck tape. Lesson learned. Also, the roll top's not so good in the baggage chute. It came unrolled one time. Fortunately I had a drawstring closure on it too. Next time I'll use a more typical lidded pack.


Also Hanalei.
Our first campsite at Salt Pond.
Na Pali Coast...nice 'n' wet. The X-Pac did really well in all the wet weather. And there was a lot of it. My Sierra Designs tent also performed awesomely. Thanks, Sierra Designs!

Where we camped on the coast.

Hangin' out in trees.

Trying to find the tunnel in the mountain. It didn't happen, unfortunately.
Jenny's tiny pack performed well, though.

Polihale Beach. Super long badass beach on the west side of Kauai.

Waimea Canyon, Koke'e State Park. This park had some amazing hikes, and one of our favorite campsites.

More canyon.
And the obligatory sunset shot from Hawai'i. Salt Pond.

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