Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hawai'i Pack, Part V

[Part Four] Here we go...I think it's done! 42" circumference, ~33" long, pictured. X-Pac & 1000d Cordura. Some accessory pockets. I should've sewn more tri-glides on the pack to attach pouches to, like on my last alpine pack. Next time... Shoulder Straps So these are the first straps I put on the pack. I was going for a simple old military design, but since I used 1/2-inch foam (which would be considered fairly thick for shoulder padding) I was getting some pressure points at the end of the pad. Not good. I also made the sternum strap a little too low...whoops. So I cut 'em off and made these: Curved shoulder straps: pretty much the standard for backpacks these days. Also note the removable backpad/seat pad. Small Stuff Tiny hip pack for cameras & knives and what have you. ~5x5x2" X-Pac water bladder sleeve. This was going to go on the other side of my belt but I forgot to sew the loops on it. Ha. Sometimes I slip into autopilot while sewing.... This is a little beach backpack for my girlfriend. Another hip pack. 1000d Cordura & X-Pac. Velcro loop attachment. So, this concludes my Hawai'i Pack series. I leave tomorrow. Hope everything works out. Ha! Here're some links to some sweet pack-makers: McHale Packs Mystery Ranch Cilo Gear Wilderness Equipment

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