Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bicycle Seat Covers

I've had a couple people ask me about seat covers recently so I thought I'd sit down and smash out a real nice design. This is what I've got so far: No Velcro, no elastic, no top seams, no coming off and no water getting in.
It's made from two pieces of Gore-Tex-like fabric*, where the water-resistant laminate is facing inwards to reduce wear. So it's ready for all day in the rain.
[*It's really nice fabric, but I bought it off eBay, so it could be Gore-Tex, or it could be a generic. I've been using my seat cover for a few years and it's going strong.]

Real simple cord-and-grommets tightening action. You can wrap that cord back under the seat to keep it outta the way.
I'm still working on how best to reinforce the grommets since this fabric is kinda slippery and stretchy and I don't want the grommets popping off. I've been sandwiching stiffer material in between the fabric and that's been working pretty well. Though, it doubles the sewing time. So I'm still working on the construction logistics.
If you're interested in one, you can send me an email for updates:

This was built around a Brooks B17 leather saddle. It fits smaller saddles just fine and will fit wider ones like the B18 Lady, but the nose might not fit that snug...but you'll get full coverage.

If you're looking for something a bit fancier than this, jump on over to Randi Jo Fabrications. Their seat covers are pretty sharp.


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