Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Drink Holder Installation Guide

These're pretty easy to install, so you'll be on the road to carrying whatever you want in no time.
If you have a single drink holder your instructions are here.
The trickiest part of this is attaching the strap that loops under the down tube--the chin strap of the rig, if you will. I've used a tri-glide (or double-back) buckle here for its simplicity, low profile, and relative theft-resistance compared to Velcro or any other standard buckle. I have full confidence that you will be able to install this without a problem.

First let's go through buckling it off the bike:

Doublin' back.

After you tighten the chin strap, wrap the other two straps like so. The red dot in the middle is where the head tube will be.

Okay, now here it is on the bike.
I know in the picture below it has the straps going into the cam buckles, but they should be loose...I forgot to take that picture. But that's where you put it--right up against the head tube (the tube the fork goes through).

The webbing goes up.
And then goes down.
Here's how the other webbing wraps around the front.
Into the cam buckles.

And you can tuck the loose webbing into the side there.
Happy trails.


Benjo said...

Where do you buy the Cordura? In Italy I can't find in shop.

cory said...

Hi Benjo,
It's pretty easy to get in the US--though you have to order it online. You usually can't buy it at your local fabric store.
Try upholstery shops, boating supply stores or camping/outdoors stores...they might have some for repair work.
If that doesn't work, I got these companies off the Cordura website:,
They might only sell you a roll (~50 yards)...but they might tell you if they sell to any retailers.
Best of luck.

Benjo said...

Thanks. I follow your blog always.