Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bike Nerd Utility Belt

Don't Hit Me When I'm Riding Home From the Bar, Please
9x5x2--Cordura nylon, Top Gun poly
Here's a sweet little hip pouch for my roommate. I initially thought this size was gonna be too small, but it's starting to grow on me. I shan't be throwing away the pattern. Action shot! (Or what goes for an action shot on this blog.) Got some film noir ass shots goin' on. Check out that u-lock holster there on the belt...yeah.
Fabric Horse makes some sweet utility belts--FYI.

It's hard to get a good representation of this orange on the 'nets...but with this shot you can kinda get an appreciation for how silly-bright this fabric is.


sarah said...

do you have a pattern for sharezies?

I'm looking at doing the same thing...

sarah said...

great blog, btw :)

cory said...

The pattern pretty much looks like this:
...but scaled down. Though, I usually don't cut the extra fabric out on the sides, 'cause when your bag's two-inches thick it's pointless. If you want I can just draw you a pattern, though. Lemme know.

Harrison M said...

Can I pay you for one just like this? lol

Harrison M said...

this rules. I want one. Are you selling them?