Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ex Me

24x13, bottom: 9x15
So, here's an x-strap bag. Ah...and it turned out so-so. I'm not really a fan of the x-strap, 'cause I feel like I'm about to get decapitated when I'm wearing it, but I thought I'd make one for kicks. This bag's a bit too big for me, as I'm pretty I'm thinkin' 21 inches is as big as I'm gonna go next time. The second shoulder strap isn't on the bag, but you can see where it goes. It needs to be moved over to the left about two inches, me thinks. That'll distribute the load a little more evenly. I like how the compression bits turned out on this bag. Pretty clean.

Leif Labs: popular with lumberjacks.

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